Yin for self-love/self-care

I woke up way too early last Saturday morning. Feeling exhausted I craved a coffee, but decided to do some yoga first.

The slow kind, the soft kind, the yin kind. The kind that takes time. The kind where time stands still. The kind that makes you wanna stay on your mat for a looooooong time. The kind of yoga I so needed in that moment.

Below the sequence I did. Depending on how long you hold each pose, it will take up 20-45 minutes of your time. Put on some relaxing music of your choice or enjoy the sounds or silence around you. Hope you enjoy!


Breathe in, breathe out. Left hand on your heart, right hand on your belly. Connect your heart and your gut. Feel into your breath. Love yourself.

Neck stretch L/R

Gently stretch your neck and release some tension. I love to focus on that sweet sensitive spot right at the base of the neck where my neck and shoulders meet.
Feel in to your own sweet spot. Love yourself.

Spine and shoulder stretch

Lengthen your spine and arms, releasing tension in your shoulders and shoulder blades. Breathe deeply. Love yourself.

Heart opening pose

Recline, lay down, opening your chest and heart space. Bring the soles of your feet together and let the knees drop out. Let go of any tension in your groins and inner thighs. Left hand on your heart, right on your belly. Connect your heart and your gut, feel your breath. Love yourself.

After some minutes, open the arms out wide. Allow the knees to drop out further. Let go of any tension, let go of expectations, let go of any assumptions. Breathe deeply in and out. Feel into the openness of the pose. Feel into the fragility that comes with that. Surrender. Love yourself.

Finally, hug yourself. Embrace yourself. Hold yourself. Love yourself.


Sit. Breathe. Do a breathing exercise. Meditate. Maybe a metta meditation. Love yourself. Namaste.


Now have a coffee and enjoy your day!