Fail? Yes please

I’ve been trying this “human knot” posture for a while now. It looks so accessible, but it is damn freakin’ hard. So I try over and over, I fall, I fail, I get frustrated, I laugh at myself, I question myself why it is so hard, I look for other ways to access the pose…and still I fail. And it actually feels awesome.

If there could be one and just one piece of advice I could give you, it would be to fail. Please fail, over and over again. Fail hard. And then learn from it.

Please fall, again and again and again. And then get back up and try again. Persevere.

We learn from failure, not from success. If you give up or not even try, failure is guaranteed. Success is always a lot less fun than failure.

And while failing and falling, laugh at yourself, laugh hard. Don’t take your efforts too damn serious, don’t see yourself as a failure just because something doesn’t work out perfectly from the start.

So fail big, fall hard because the bumpiest roads lead to the best destinations

Also note to self: it is just a posture or like @yogi_bryan says: it’s just fucking yoga